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At Keith Babb & Associates, Inc., we offer a total turn-key job. From the time the contract is signed, we go to work behind the scenes with advertising and promotion, hitting the market we wish to target with attractive brochures to select mailing lists. Newspapers and trade journals are used. Radio and television commercials are also used when needed.

We take the seller step by step...offering advice on cleaning and painting equipment when necessary, assisting in preparing, presenting and even relocating items for auction if necessary.

On auction day, our enthusiastic professional auctioneers, bid spotters, clerks and cashiers take command and create action. Pre-planning and advertising pay off with fast-paced, successful rounds of bidding and an air of excitement. All for you, resulting in top dollar for what is being sold and prompt cash settlement on the day agreed.

Our computer program allows the seller to keep track of a running sales total throughout the auction. Printouts for buyer and seller are available at the push of a button to facilitate payment and settlement.

Call for a confidential consultation and references 318-343-6211

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Our Clients include...

  • Municipalities

  • Utility Companies

  • State, County & Parish Agencies

  • Individuals

  • Corporations

  • Farmers & Ranchers

  • Banks & Other Lenders

  • Contractors

  • Many Charitable Organizations

Federal Agencies Including: 

  • Farmers Home Administration U.S.

  • Federal Bankruptcy Court

  • U.S. Small Business Administration

  • FDIC

  • RTC

  • U.S. Marshall's Service

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